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Remote & Hybrid Learning with ThinkCERCA

Curated resources and tools to help you leverage ThinkCERCA for remote and hybrid learning.

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    General Resources

    why partner with ThinkCERCA

    Why ThinkCERCA? | Video

    Learn why schools and districts partner with ThinkCERCA.

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    ThinkCERCA for Remote Learning webinar

    ThinkCERCA for Remote Learning | Webinar

    Learn tips for leveraging ThinkCERCA for virtual learning. 

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    9 Remote Learning Resources & Ideas

    9 Remote Learning Resources & Ideas

    Learn strategies for keeping remote learning engaging and rigorous. 

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    90 Minute Remote Learning Initial Training

    Learn how to effectively implement ThinkCERCA in a remote setting.

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    online teachers blog

    What Our Online Teachers Have to Say About Remote Learning

    Our online teachers share best practices for using ThinkCERCA in a live, online setting.

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    critical thinking in the time of covid

    Critical Thinking in the Time of COVID-19 | Webinar

    Learn tips on how to activate students’ critical thinking skills during the coronavirus outbreak.

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    student engagement illustration

    Virtual Student Engagement Activities

    Implement virtual student engagement activities for each step of a Writing Lesson. 

    Implementing ThinkCERCA Offline

    Implementing ThinkCERCA Offline

    Discover ideas and strategies for using ThinkCERCA without Internet access.

    remote learning with video conferencing

    Introduction to Remote Learning | Slide Deck

    Kickstart remote learning with ThinkCERCA with this introductory slide deck. 

    getting started TC checklist

    Getting Started Remotely

    New to ThinkCERCA? Download our implementation checklist to launch ThinkCERCA remotely. 

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    Model Lessons & Lesson Plans

    introducing students to remote instruction

    Introducing Students to Remote Instruction | Recorded Lesson

    Watch an example of how you can introduce your students to remote learning.

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    writing lesson instructions

    Writing Lesson Instructions | Recorded Lesson

    Watch an example of how you can share Writing Lesson instructions with your students. 

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    5 minute class example

    Virtual ThinkCERCA Class Example (5 Minute Video)

    Watch one of our online teachers implement a live, virtual ThinkCERCA class via Zoom.

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    90 minute example class

    Full Virtual Class Example (90 Minute Video)

    Watch one of our teachers teach a full 90 minute online ThinkCERCA class taught using Zoom.

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    lesson plans

    Elementary School Remote Learning Plans

    12 remote learning sessions for a live, virtual classroom. 

    Download Lesson Plans
    middle school plans

    Middle School Remote Learning Plans

    12 remote learning sessions for a live, virtual classroom. 

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    high school lesson plans

    High School Remote Learning Plans

    12 remote learning sessions for a live, virtual classroom. 

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    5 day remote learning plan

    5-Day Remote Learning Plans

    View step-by-step instructions for remotely teaching a Writing Lesson.

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    Resources for Students & Families

    writing instruction illustration

    Writing Lesson Instructions

    Watch this video to learn how to complete the Writing Lesson (30 min; break it up by chapter). 

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    The Components of CERCA | Videos

    Learn about the 5 components of the CERCA Framework and put them into practice.

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    families and caregivers cerca

    Remote Learning for Families & Caregivers

    View this guide to support ThinkCERCA implementation and remote learning strategies. 

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    ThinCERCA logo

    CERCA Framework | Video

    Learn about our research based literacy framework, CERCA, and run through an example.

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    Untitled design (99)

    Getting Started with ThinkCERCA | Video

    Find out how CERCA applies to the real world and  learn how to get started in the literacy platform.

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    puzzle illustration

    How to Build a CERCA | Video

    In this 6 minute video, you will learn how to build an argument using the CERCA Framework. 

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    Offline Activities Using the CERCA Framework

    Discover activities for practicing the CERCA Framework and engaging students in higher order thinking.

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    Untitled design (100)

    Teacher Feedback on Writing Lessons

    View step-by-step instructions for completing a Writing Lesson and viewing teacher feedback. 


    COVID-19 Offline Lessons

    6 Feet

    Why We Distance (Grades 3-12)

    Use the CERCA Framework to help your students think critically about COVID-19.

    Download Lesson
    narrative writing and covid

    Narrative Writing & COVID-19 (Grades 3-12)

    Guide students through creative writing as they think critically about COVID-19. 

    Download Lesson
    should we open covid lesson

    Should We Open? (Grades 3-8)

    Students will read, write, and think about what should and should not be be open during the pandemic.

    Download Lesson
    the science of a virus

    The Science of a Virus (Grades 3-8)

    Students will think critically about the science of coronavirus and how it makes us sick. 

    Download Lesson

    Create a PSA (Grades 3-12)

    Students will think critically about COVID-19 as they develop a public service announcement. 

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    covid and ethical dilemmas

    COVID-19 & Ethical Dilemmas (Grades 6-12)

    Students will consider tough questions through the lens of the CERCA Framework.

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    covid and mental

    COVID-19 & Mental Health (Grades 3-12)

    Students will focus on ways we can all stay healthy and helpful during this difficult time.

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