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What is CERCA?

Equip students for the real world with a research-based literacy framework.

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A New Approach to Critical Thought

The CERCA Framework is a scaffolded approach to literacy that helps students develop their critical thinking skills. ThinkCERCA’s expert-designed lessons walk students through the process of analyzing content-rich texts and multimedia to construct cohesive argumentative, informational, or narrative writings.

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CERCA at a Glance

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The Decades of Research Behind CERCA

The CERCA Framework pulls from decades of research from the University of Chicago that confirms reading, writing, and collaborating across subjects helps students become college and career-ready.

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Experts Behind ThinkCERCA

Students who:

Wrote papers defending their point of view 5 or more times...
act scores improvement
...improved their English sub-test scores on the ACT by .39.
Collaboratively improve a piece of writing...
act scores improvement
...improved their English sub-test scores on the ACT by .38.
Discuss solutions to problems with other students...
act scores improvement
...improved their math sub-test scores on the ACT by .29.
Used evidence to support an argument or hypothesis...
act scores improvement
...improved their science sub-test scores on the ACT by .21.

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