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Benchmark Evaluation Services

ThinkCERCA partners with districts to help educators assess opportunities for growth in reading and writing with Benchmark Writing Assessments and Evaluation Services.

Give time back, get results.

1. We help you plan benchmark assessment dates and prepare for a smooth administration process.

2. Students complete the auto-assigned benchmarks in class. 

3. Teachers get time back to spend with students while our professional scorers evaluate assessments. 

4. We deliver feedback reporting and students get personalized growth focus based on outcomes.

Benchmark Assessment Cycle


What Our Partners Are Saying

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The most valuable element of this process has been the objectivity the third-party scorer provides. This perspective, coupled with insightful ‘next steps’ has deepened the care we can have for students.


I loved this process. It was convenient and extremely helpful. With the benchmarks, it allowed more time to focus on other standards. Lastly, I believe my students made significant growth insofar as their writing skills.

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