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Nurture strong readers, writers, and thinkers.

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How it Works

ThinkCERCA's easy-to-use literacy software and curriculum helps educators facilitate the necessary instructional shifts to improve learning where it matters most.

Our online lessons are built around self-paced and collaborative learning so teachers can quickly infuse literacy best practices into their day-to-day routines.

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Writing Modules Overview
Step 1

Teacher assigns differentiated lessons to students.

  • Thematically organized library for easy integration into curriculum
  • Leveled lessons for grades 3-12
  • Differentiation tools to auto-assign by readiness level
Step 2

Students read an engaging, authentic text.

  • In-text vocabulary and audio support
  • Discipline-specific highlighting and summarizing practice
  • Automated assessments for comprehension
Step 3

Students leverage CERCA to develop their essays.

  • Engaging, discipline specific writing prompts
  • Interactive graphic organizers
  • Writing scaffolds and sentence stems
Step 4

Peer-to-peer discussion and debate are infused along the way.

  • High-interest, engaging topics
  • Debatable essential question that brings together students' of all readiness levels
  • Resources for facilitating speaking and listening activities
Step 5

Teacher provides actionable feedback for growth.

  • Standards-aligned grading rubrics
  • Personalized, one-on-one feedback
  • Real-time data to monitor student progress
Step 6

District and school leaders monitor progress.

  • Performance on literacy standards by grade or class
  • Performance on literacy standards by grade or class
  • Time-on-task and usage data

ThinkCERCA "helps us to differentiate for students in the classroom on their [readiness] level, but still be working on the same standard. That’s pretty rich. I strongly feel that if we do well with our literacy skills, all our content performance will increase."


Dr. Joseph C. Barrow

Fayette County Public Schools,

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