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ThinkCERCA for Ohio Educators

Help your students achieve 2 years of reading growth with ThinkCERCA’s personalized literacy platform for ELA, social studies, science, and math.

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    What We Provide

    Count on a comprehensive curriculum aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards.
    Standards-Aligned Curriculum

    Count on a comprehensive curriculum aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards.

    Designed by master teachers and nationally recognized literacy experts, our curriculum is built upon proven methods for developing students’ language and literacy skills. Our lessons include a range of close reading, academic writing, direct instruction, and additional skills practice lessons to meet the demands of Ohio’s Learning Standards.

    Teach foundational language and literacy skills.
    Key Skills & Concepts

    Teach foundational language and literacy skills.

    Through direct instruction and self-guided lessons, students are introduced to and practice the underlying skills needed to master literacy. These lessons cover key concepts and vocabulary related to oral language, reading comprehension, organizational structures, argumentation, and more. Additionally, our professional learning provides the support to help all educators – regardless of subject area – teach literacy.

    Rigorous Instruction

    Build up strong readers, writers, and thinkers.

    Our lessons — centered around engaging topics like personal identity and catalysts for change — walk students through the process of analyzing texts to construct cohesive academic writings. These differentiated lessons provide access to equitable educational opportunities for students at all levels.

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    Why ThinkCERCA?

    We're here to help Ohio educators spark courageous thinking inside their classrooms. With ThinkCERCA, students develop the high-level literacy skills needed for 21st-century success.


    Product Demo

    Discover how our personalized literacy platform teaches students how to read, write, and think critically while also saving teachers valuable classroom and prep time.


    Research and Results

    ThinkCERCA is built upon an ever-growing body of research that confirms reading, writing, and argumentation help students become college- and career-ready.

    Curriculum & Platform Features

    Rigorous curriculum and easy-to-use tools for powering the best critical thinking instruction.

    Curriculum library aligned to Ohio's Learning Standards
    Benchmark assessments and robust data to track performance
    Argumentative, informational, and narrative essay writing
    Built-in differentiation tools for auto-assigning lessons and skills exercises
    Leveled texts and multimedia with content-specific vocabulary for grades 3-12
    ELD supports and highlighting, annotating, and audio features
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    "The CERCA Framework allows for thoughtful learning that is as close to '100% engaged, 100% of the time' as I’ve seen. The topics of texts connect to students’ interests and provide endless opportunities for groupings and discussions that help students stay invested, even during long periods."

    Ann Whitehair
    8th Grade ELA Teacher

    Oakwood Junior High School
    Oakwood, OH

    Resources & Case Studies

    How to Get Engagement, Growth and Stickiness When Teaching Kids to Write

    How to Get Engagement, Growth and Stickiness When Teaching Kids to Write

    In EdSurge, Ohio teacher Ann Whitehair shares how ThinkCERCA “makes learning stick by allowing students to transfer their understanding to future assignments, across content areas.”

    Achieving Double-Digit Reading Growth Through Academic Writing

    Achieving Double-Digit Reading Growth Through Academic Writing

    Discover how Farmington Municipal Schools established itself as one of the state’s top performing districts with ThinkCERCA.

    Remarkable Growth on State Assessments

    Remarkable Growth on State Assessments

    The middle school with the highest ThinkCERCA usage saw students scoring at “Proficient Learner” or above increase from 17 percent in sixth grade to 66 percent in seventh grade for the same group of students.

    2 Years of Reading Growth in 1 Year

    2 Years of Reading Growth in 1 Year

    An evaluation of 26 ed-tech products showed ThinkCERCA helped students achieve an extra year’s worth of growth in one school year.

    Creating Happy, Noisy Classrooms

    Creating Happy, Noisy Classrooms

    ThinkCERCA provides the platform and support to help classrooms nurture curiosity, discovery, and the open exchange of ideas.

    20 Percent Gain in Writing Scores

    20 Percent Gain in Writing Scores

    As part of the Gates Foundation Literacy Courseware Challenge Grant, SRI Education conducted a controlled study of the impact of ThinkCERCA usage on student writing scores.

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