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From ice climbing to scuba diving, this week’s CERCA Slides focus on “Risk-Taking.”

Centered around the key question, “How do you know when a risk is worth taking?”, these 3rd-12th grade lessons compel students to consider topics and themes that include courage and perseverance.

CERCA Slides by Grade

Grade 3-Mar-31-2022-01-57-24-00-PM

Grade 3: Ice Climbing

Based on the information in the article, what should a person think about before and during ice climbing? (CCSS.RI.3.2-3.8; CCSS.W.3.2)

Grade 4-Mar-31-2022-01-57-24-40-PM

Grade 4: Everest

According to the article, what risks and challenges do people who climb Mount Everest face? (CCSS.RI.4.1-4.8; CCSS.W.4.2)

Grade 5-Mar-31-2022-01-57-23-12-PM

Grade 5: Don't Try This at Home

What makes someone a daredevil? (CCSS.RI.5.1-5.6, CCSS.W.5.2-5.10)

Grade 6-Mar-31-2022-01-57-23-27-PM

Grade 6: Aliens? Or Just Wired to Be Weird?

How does teenage brain development cause physical, behavioral, and emotional changes? (CCSS.RI.6.1-6.10; CCSS.W.6.1-6.10)

Grade 7-Mar-31-2022-01-57-22-22-PM

Grade 7: The Teenage Brain

How does teenage brain development influence risk-taking behavior? (CCSS.RI.7.1-7.10; CCSS.W.7.1-7.10)

Grade 8-4

Grade 8: Blondin’s First Tightrope-Walk

What does the media coverage given to tightrope walker Blondin in the 1850s and 1860s reveal about the public appetite for daredevilry? (CCSS.RI.8.2-8.7; CCSS.W.8.1)

Grade 9-Mar-31-2022-01-57-23-09-PM

Grade 9: Planned Burns

Why do some experts argue that the risks of "prescribed fires" are worth taking? (CCSS.RI.9-10.4; CCSS.W.9-10.2)

Grade 10-Mar-31-2022-01-57-22-20-PM

Grade 10: First Solo

Describe the risks and rewards associated with Colin O’Brady and Louis Rudd’s solo treks across Antarctica. (CCSS.RI.10.1-10.6, CCSS.W.9-10.2)

Grade 11-Mar-31-2022-01-57-24-26-PM

Grade 11: Taking the Plunge

What personal characteristics does the author of this passage call upon to overcome fear and embrace risk? (CCSS.RI.11-12.6; CCSS.W.11-12.2)

Grade 11 (2)-2

Grade 12: Everest

The author states that Mount Everest "is a place where the ordinary rules that dictate people's behavior seem to be suspended; a mountain that brings out both the worst and best of human nature." What evidence from the selection supports this statement? (CCSS.RI.11-12.10; CCSS.W.11-12.9)

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