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Monuments and Memorials

How do monuments help paint a picture of a society's social, political, and economic realities and dreams?

Challenge your students analyze how Monuments and Memorials tell a story of the past and create a public vision for the future.

CERCA Slides by Grade


Grade 3: The Statue of Liberty

What did the creator of the Statue of Liberty hope that it would represent?(CCSS.RI.3.1-3.9,CCSS.W.3.2)


Grade 4: African Burial Ground National Monument

African Burial Ground National Monument (CCSS.RI.4.1-4.7,CCSS.W.4.2)


Grade 5: The Washington Monument

How did the different groups that wanted to commemorate George Washington overcome challenges to build the Washington Monument? (CCSS.RI.5.1-5.7, CCSS.W.5.2)


Grade 6: Angkor Wat

How does Angkor Wat tell a story of Cambodia’s past? (CCSS.RI.6.1-8.7, CCSS.W.6.2)


Grade 7: Hagia Sophia

How does Hagia Sophia serve as a record of religious and political history? (CCSS.RI.8.1–8, CCSS.W.8.2)


Grade 8: Gateway Arch National Park

How does the Gateway Arch National Park serve as a record of America’s political and social past? (CCSS.RI.8.1-8.8, CCSS.W.8.2)


Grade 9: Manzanar National Historic Site

How does the Manzanar National Historic Site memorialize a historic injustice?(CCSS.RI.9-10.8, CCSS.W.9-10.2)


Grade 10: Hiroshima Peace Memorial

How does the Hiroshima Peace Memorial promote a message of nuclear disarmament? (CCSS.RI.9-10.7, CCSS.W.9-10.2)


Grade 11: Stonewall National Monument

How does the Stonewall National Monument serve as a record of the history of LGBTQ+ rights in America? (CCSS.RI.11-12.7, CCSS.W.11-12.2)


Grade 12: The Maggie L. Walker Memorial Plaza

How does Maggie L Walker National Historic Site reflect the connection between economic, political, and social developments in African American history? (CCSS.RI.11-12.9, CCSS.W.11-12.2)

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