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Indigenous Actors and Agents of Change

This set of CERCA Slides focuses on contemporary and historical “Indigenous Agents of Change.” You’ll find examples of medical pioneers and clean water advocates; human rights campaigners and defenders of public lands. We hope that you and your students find inspiration in these catalysts for change, today and everyday.

CERCA Slides by Grade

Grade 3 (11)

Grade 3: Susan La Flesche Picotte

How did Dr. La Flesche Picotte’s early experiences shape her decision to become a doctor and help her community? (CCSS.RI.3.1, CCSS.W.3.2)

Grade 4 (12)

Grade 4: Autumn Peltier

What problem is activist Autumn Peltier working to address, and why?(CCSS.RI.4.1, CCSS.W.4.2)

Grade 5 (11)

Grade 5: Chief Joseph

How did Chief Joseph’s surrender demonstrate leadership as well as concern for his people? (CCSS.RI.5.1, CCSS.W.5.2)

Grade 6-8 (3)

Grade 6-8: Po'Pay

In the U.S. Capitol, each state is represented by two sculptures of key figures from its history. What does New Mexico's selection of Indigenous leader Po'Pay tell about the state's past and present? (CCSS.RI.6.1, CCSS.RI.7.1, CCSS.RI.8.1, CCSS.W.6.2, CCSS.W.7.2, CCSS.W.8.2, CCSS.RI.6.1-8.6, CCSS.W.6-8.2)

Grade 9-10 (4)

Grade 9-10: Rigoberta Menchú Tum

Based on her statements in these two speeches, why does Rigoberta Menchú Tum believe that unity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people is so important? (CCSS.RI.9-10.1, CCSS.W.9-10.2)

Grade 11-12 (2)

Grade 11-12: Deb Haaland

Based on evidence from this series of texts, describe how Deb Haaland uses her personal story — in the context of American history — as a strategy to illustrate her vision of what America can and should be. (CCSS.RI.11-12.1, CCSS.W.11-12.2)

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