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Turmoil and Change

Can your students think of a concept impacting all cultures across time and space? What about turmoil, and the societal transformations that follow? Students become historical investigators in this writing lesson set on Turmoil and Change. They’ll uncover answers to the important question, “How does turmoil transform society?”

CERCA Slides by Grade


Grade 3: Climate Change

How does climate change impact communities around the world?(CCSS.RI.3.1-3.9, CCSS.W.3.2)


Grade 4: Haudenosaunee Confederacy

How did the Haudenosaunee Confederacy establish peace during a time of conflict? (CCSS.RI.4.1-4.9, CCSS.W.4.2)


Grade 5: The French and Indian War

How did the French and Indian War lead to tension between the British government, British colonists, and Native American nations in Colonial America? (CCSS.RI.5.1-5.7, CCSS.W.5.2)


Grade 6: Shi Huangdi, First Emperor of Unified China

How did Shi Huangdi unify China after the Warring States period? (CCSS.RI.6.1-6.7, CCSS.W.6.2)


Grade 7: Society and Economics in Europe After the Black Death

How did the Black Death lead to major social and economic changes in Europe? (CCSS.RI.7.1-7.4, CCSS.W.7.2)


Grade 8: The Great Chicago Fire

How did the Great Chicago Fire lead to the construction of a modern city?(CCSS.RI.8.1-8.8, CCSS.W.8.2)


Grade 9: The GI Bill

How did the GI Bill help World War II veterans readjust to civilian life? (CCSS.RI.9-10.5, CCSS.W.9-10.2)


Grade 10: The Partition of India

What were some of the long-term effects of the partition of India in 1947? (CCSS.RI.9-10.7, CCSS.W.9-10.2)


Grade 11–12: The Vietnam War and The Media

How did media coverage of the Vietnam War change journalism and affect the American public? (CCSS.RI.11-12.7, CCSS.W.11-12.2)

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