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Benchmark Evaluation Services

Give back time + get results

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ThinkCERCA partners with districts to help educators assess opportunities for growth in reading and writing with Benchmark Writing Assessments and Evaluation Services.

Everyone gains.


Students Get:

High-quality feedback from professional evaluators

Specific examples of strength areas/opportunities for growth

Personalized Growth Focus for highest impact on assignments

Teachers Have:

Lightened grading load – up to 10 hours saved each week

Instructional ideas for individual, whole + small group learning 

Professional learning resources and on-demand videos to deepen norming/feedback skills

Administrators Benefit By:

Taking a load off teachers = more 1:1 time with students

Receiving transparent data so everyone can align their efforts

Offering impactful benchmark assessment opportunities for high-impact learning year round

Benchmark Assessment Cycle

"Sounds like a great plan! What do I need to do?"

  1. Just determine your targeted grade levels for Benchmark Evaluation Services.
  2. District IT and ThinkCERCA will collaborate to provision student accounts for seamless assessment implementation
  3. Teams administer Writing Benchmark Assessments by the targeted date
  4. ThinkCERCA scores the assessments and reviews actionable data and insights with the team

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ThinkCERCA can work with you to build the perfect session for your teachers or leaders!

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