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Spark courageous thinking with close reading, discussion, and powerful writing.

Implement in minutes; help students gain years of growth(see our results!)

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Our Framework


Achieve 2 years of reading growth with ThinkCERCA.

Our Research-Based Approach

At the heart of every lesson is a flexible framework that teaches students how to construct a cohesive piece of writing. As students strengthen their writing skills, studies show they can achieve an average of two years of growth in a single school year.

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Schools & Districts

Teach writing
in every subject.

Schools & Districts

Research shows the most important thing we can do to engage students in critical thinking is by teaching writing across subjects. When districts and schools unite around ThinkCERCA, every teacher has the power to be a literacy teacher.




Captivating an entire classroom of diverse learners is no easy task. With ThinkCERCA, teachers can auto-assign leveled reading and writing lessons within minutes. Plus, relevant topics keep all learners engaged alongside their peers- regardless of readiness levels.

Real Life

Prepare students
for life.

Real Life

ThinkCERCA gives students the skills to make sense of the world around them, the courage to become empowered critical thinkers, and the confidence to do and be anything they want.

Our Curriculum

Create happy,
noisy classrooms.

Social Studies

Social Studies

Should the United States consider modifying the way citizens elect their leaders?

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What are the possible benefits and drawbacks of genetically modified foods?

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What role should the government play in regulating health?

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How can health officials prevent diseases from becoming pandemics?

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Writing has to be intentionally taught and practiced in each classroom. ThinkCERCA has been an invaluable tool for us to align writing instruction and bring consistency to expectations and language when teaching and talking about writing.

Tim Riff

Principal, Oriole Park Elementary School, Illinois

In literacy, a product I like is ThinkCERCA. It meets kids where they are, again, personalized, and gets them engaged. It helps them with writing, and that’s an area we haven’t had nearly enough innovation. It challenges you with texts, forces you to identify things, and then looks at your own writing in terms of presenting a claim, evidence, and good reasoning. And again, that’s one that is showing good results for students.

Bill Gates


ThinkCERCA helps us to differentiate for students in the classroom on their [readiness] level, but still, be working on the same standard. That’s pretty rich. I strongly feel that if we do well with our literacy skills, all our content performance will increase.

Dr. Joseph C. Barrow

Superintendent, Fayette County Public Schools, Georgia

Fayette County Schools

2.6x More Growth Than Control Group

ThinkCERCA students achieved more than double the ELA growth on the state's assessment compared to non-ThinkCERCA students in a 3-year period.

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