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A research-backed literacy framework for reading and writing across subjects in grades 3-12.

Teachers gain 1:1 time with students and equip them with a step-by-step approach to thinking critically and reading and writing with purpose. All while supported with a vast instructional library, professionally scored benchmark assessments, and much more.


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The CERCA Framework

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The CERCA Framework is a scaffolded approach to literacy that helps students develop their critical thinking skills. ThinkCERCA’s expert-designed lessons walk students through the process of analyzing content-rich texts and multimedia to construct cohesive argumentative, informational, or narrative writings.

It starts with an essential question.

Group 94

Should robots be used to take care of the elderly?
Group 93



Students develop a claim in response to the essential question.

“Robots should be used to take care of the elderly…”

(Sample Claim)

Group 95



Students look for credible evidence to support their claim.

"There are robots that can lift a person..."

( Sample Evidence )

Group 96



Students connect the evidence to their claim with reasoning.

"...which means that robots could help if an elderly person fell down."

( Sample Reasoning )

Group 97



Students consider other points of view and explain why their claim is stronger.

"Some people say that robots should not be used to take care of the elderly because they're expensive."

( Sample Counterargument )

Group 98



Students consider their audience and use appropriate language while writing their formal argument.

"In conclusion, robots should be used to take care of the elderly."

( Sample Conclusion )

It’s a Life Skill

Effective and cohesive writing is a core skill underpinned by the ability to read and think critically.
Take a moment to consider all the places it matters for our students now—and in the future.


Frame (4)


Writing an admissions essay outlining your qualifications.

Frame (3)


Pitching the next big idea to a potential client or investor.

Frame (2)


Discussing and voting on a community referendum.

Frame (1)


Consuming complex information with social responsibility.

Our Platform

Lesson Explorer
Reading Support
Argument Builder

Lesson Explorer

A vast, searchable instructional library so you can implement the lessons you need in minutes, tailored to the standards and skills you want to teach. This includes Writing and Skills Lessons, Direct Instruction, and Reading Practices.


Assign lessons based on readiness level for a personalized learning experience and select from a variety of topics organized by theme for seamless curriculum integration.

Reading Support

Students engage with in-text vocabulary and audio support, discipline-specific annotation, and summarizing practice with automated assessments for comprehension.
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Argument Builder

Discipline-specific writing prompts are scaffolded with graphic organizers and sentence stems to build student confidence and write with purpose.
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Debatable essential questions and high-interest, engaging topics bring together students of all readiness levels. Instructional resources and student guides include opportunities for facilitating speaking and listening activities.


Teachers and professional scorers provide actionable feedback for growth with standards-aligned rubrics. This provides opportunities for personalized feedback and real-time data to monitor student progress.
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District and school leaders can monitor progress including performance on literacy strands by grade or class, time on task, and usage data.
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Our Impact

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Group 102
Meridian Junior High

“It encourages them to think critically…it lends itself to conversation because they get to share out their thinking.”

Kim H,
8th Grade English Teacher

image 17 (1)
Fayette County Schools

2.6x More Growth Than Control Group

ThinkCERCA students more than double the ELA growth compared to non-ThinkCERCA students in a 3-year period.

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Group 103
Andrew Carnegie Elementary

“…when you're reading a passage and it has a word in bold, you can just click on it and it gives you the definition…”

6th Grade Student

September 23, 2022

Donated Licenses to Oakland Teachers

Partnered with 30 Acts of Kindness by 30 project and granted free access as part of donated supply kits to 150 Oakland middle school classrooms. 

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June 28, 2022

ThinkCERCA Wins Tools Competition

Awarded $250,000 to further develop a tool that provides authentic feedback on argumentative writing in real-time. 

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May 31, 2022

Named Common Sense Learning Selection

Recognized as a best-in-class media resource and tool that facilitates great learning experiences for students and educators.

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Our Partnerships

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ThinkCERCA is proud of our many partnerships -- both new and longstanding -- aimed at enhancing and optimizing our platform for students, teachers, and district leaders.

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